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Cost plus Shipping
Assortment of Cookies Tray
Mini Cream Cheese Pound Cakes
$3.00 each or Dozen for $35.00
Small Loaf Cream Cheese Pound Cake
$7.00 each or 2 for $10.00
Whole Cream Cheese Pound Cake
$40.00 each
Specialty Cakes
Apple Crisp or Peach Cobblers
$40.00 each
Sheet Cakes$60.00 and up
Wedding Cakes
  Depends on design
JEM of Events Specialty. . .
Cream Cheese Pound Cakes!!!! 
varieties include:
and NEW for Hawai'i!!! 
Pineapple !!!
Macadamia Nut!!!
Order one today!!!!
See our new Baked Goods page for pricing and some pictures!!!!
Crudités Display!!!!
Assorted cheeses, crackers, veggies, fruits & dips table      (6' table filled, feeds up to 100 guests), smaller trays can be done at lower costs!
Yes we will do your wedding cake for you as well!!!

Contact us about your catered affair!  There are plenty of food items that are not included on this list but we will and do provide.  This is just a sweet treat list!  Mahalo!
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